G-still 15


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Ideal research and development device with 15 (net) capacity and direct heating boiler and pot still columns.


G-Still 15 is great for conducting research and development on your whiskey, rum, brandy and gin recipes. Recipes can then be scaled up on larger G-Stills.  Boiler has a 15L net working capacity and is directly heated.  Comes with Pot Still column for creating taste rich spirits. 

Size or Dimensions

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  • Weight 35Kg 
  • Height 154 cm
  • Width 70 cm  
  • Heat-up time 33 min
  • Production time ** 20% batch 90 min
  • Water consumption 0 l/h (warming)  2,5l/h (production)
  • Power - EU/USA 210V-220V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption 2,5kW (warming), 2,5kW (production)

* - guide value obtained from physical shelves with a tolerance of 15%
** - approximate time for factory settings with a tolerance of 15%

Product Details

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G-still 15 is an R&D still for research and development device which helps you to build up your recipe for Whisky, Bourbon, Rum. Plus with the use of the Gin basket, we can build up our recipe for gin with botanicals in the basket.