Genio Still 50 direct heating


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State of the art distillation still, capable of producing pure alcohol in excess of 95% ABV or taste rich alcohols using the pot still distillation feature.  The still is ideal for recipe development by craft distillers, which can subsequently be replicated on a larger GENIO still for commercial production.


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GENIO Still 50 (13 US gallons) is ideal for small batch distillation and intended for recipe development of all types of alcohols. The still comes ready to be plugged into an electrical power outlet and connected to a water source. The still is appropriate for a wide range of audiences, starting with individuals new to distilling, in which case the display on the touch screen will allow them to learn the various settings throughout an automated distillation run, as well as for experienced distillers wanting to develop a recipe on a smaller scale, either in manual or automated mode, which they can later replicate on a larger GENIO still for mass production.


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The tank is the ethanol vapour generator and plays a key role in the entire distilling process. Excessive amounts of vapor may lead to blockage of the column (column flooding), whereas a small amount of vapor leads to instability and very inefficient operation of the column.

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DIRECTLY HEATED TANKS – the electric heating element(s) are placed directly in the batch. This type of heating is intended for batches without solids. The liquid poured into the tank must be cl